Red Nights Is an Erotic Thriller That Is Actually Erotic and Thrilling

Well, here’s a rarity. Add this to the rather short list of erotic thrillers that are actually both erotic and thrilling. Speaking of lists, it’s also the first (and so far only) film I’ve ever seen as a result of a tumblr gifset.

When the film opened with Carrie Ng’s character blindfolding a girl and leading her into her car, I immediately knew I was not going to be disappointed by this film. (To be fair, I was pretty sure it was going to be the real deal even before I started watching when I noticed one of the items Amazon listed under “related items” was a nylon pet collar.) I would like roughly 90% of the things that happened in this movie to happen to me except for all the shooting/stabbing. Or losing of teeth. Or flaying. Uh, here’s a catchall: none of the bleeding. Cool? Cool. The really cool vacbed from that gifset or the being strangled with a belt while the strangler steps on my face, on the other hand…

Seriously, though, Carrie Ng’s performance in this is so great that she immediately becomes a pantheon-level killer even though her entire gimmick is basically just “ruthless dom.” My only frustration with this film is I kept wanting to yell at the screen, “WHY DOESN’T ANYONE JUST PAY FOR THIS DAMN ARTIFACT INSTEAD OF CONSTANTLY MURDERING AND DOUBLE-CROSSING EACH OTHER???”

Uh, yeah. I should probably add that if you don’t love BDSM there’s maybe not much here for you. (Except for some gorgeous shots including incredible use of color, I guess.) Also, if you don’t love seeing things you would like to have happen in a scene be mixed with things you would almost certainly not like (at least, I hope you would almost certainly not like), that could be an issue too. Also, all of the gore in this is exceptionally well done and there’s a scene in this that made me genuinely physically uncomfortable. (You’ll know the one.)

I really want that damn vacbed, though. (Or, at least, to be invited into it. Without the subsequent stabbing.)


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