sense8 clusters are online friendgroups, and it’s amazing; also, trans girl main character!!

holy… just… wow, guys. first of all, i was in love with nomi and amanita before i realized that amanita was played by freaking martha from doctor who, but like… i hope we all know that’s not why i was immediately drawn to them.

every time nomi is on the screen i’m more interested. i’m sorry. i just am. that’s just the way it is. and like… season one spent a few episodes with her locked up in a hospital with her bodily autonomy threatened (yeah that’s a fucking relatable trauma, holy shit) and with her girlfriend just desperately fighting to rescue her, and the moment when nomi manages to break out and amanita finds her and snatches her away to safety is just so. freaking. much. and the entire season had already spent so much time making sure you just absolutely freaking love those two, and ugh, i ugly-cried with relief. i was physically tired afterwards from how much i cried. it was just… so much.

and for this reason i am just fucking devastated that the sisters wachowski are apparently done with filmmaking, because i was really counting on them to make the first hugely popular, big budget studio blockbuster featuring a trans lead character somewhere down the line. and like. just from seeing what they did with nomi, oh my gosh, y’all. it would’ve been so good. so, so good.

as for the other most essential element of the show, i absofuckinglutely know what it’s like to feel connected to people i’m not physically present with, or even remotely close to being physically present with. i know what it’s like to share in their joys and sorrows. to celebrate their triumphs and console them when things aren’t great. to be really present with them regardless of physical circumstance suggesting otherwise.

sense8 clusters are just like internet friendships/relationships on steroids.

of course, they aren’t just there for each other emotionally. they change each other’s lives in very real ways. nomi teaches them how to be honest and brave. sun teaches them how to fight. kala teaches them how to seek beauty. lito teaches them how to act.

this, however, is also not a circumstance that is unknown to me. all of my online friends teach me so much just by being you and letting me follow your example. and all of you are teaching me to be happier just by existing in my life.

which is to say, all of you are my cluster.

which is to say, i will fucking fight tooth and nail for any one of you if you ever need me to.

which is to say, i love you.

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