mystery science theater 3000: the gauntlet notes

mac and me

  • i would never watch it unriffed (sorry)
  • the riffing feels like it’s in a really good place now.
  • that mcdonalds party may have been the most unintentionally funny thing ive ever seen in a movie. like. just. wow?

atlantic rim

  • i can’t believe i’ve seen atlantic rim twice in 2018 now.
  • i was a little worried about how riffable this would be, but they did ok! high water mark for me with the new run is probably still last season’s avalanche, but this was pretty consistently ok and had one of my favorite riffs ever. when one of the main characters says “this thing’s all over my ass, man! he’s gonna tear me up!” crow bursts in with a perfectly understated/offended “excuse me?” i don’t want to be melodramatic here but i almost died.
  • i can’t believe i’ve seen atlantic rim twice in 2018 now.

the day time ended

  • this is probably the best riffing of the season so far! it was just very consistent. despite the movie being riffed being honestly less interesting than the others so far.
  • i fucking love that the plot of this season relates to binge watching? and the riffing actually functionally reinforces both the netflix format and the plot of the season by having even more callbacks to previous episodes than is customary? honestly, i love it.
  • this isn’t your dad’s (or your a few decades ago) mst3k? the episodes aren’t riddled with ableism and racism and homophobia like they used to be. consequently, i’m able to enjoy the new episodes in a much more unguarded way than the old ones, which i honestly don’t remotely go out of my way to watch ever.
  • seriously i’ve kinda always hated and pushed back against the idea that old mst3k humor is “harmless” (it shocks me how often i’ve heard this argument advanced). like, have the people saying this ever seen an older mst3k episode? (ofc they have, they’ve just seen it while being a cishet white person who’s completely unwilling to examine their own privilege and prejudices.)
  • i sorta get a lot of the backlash i’ve see to the overarching concept of mst3k among movie nerd friends, but i just… idk, guys? i’m sorry that i don’t enjoy a lot of these movies unironically like some of you do, but mst3k isn’t what stops me from doing that? like? i’ve seen them riff a bunch of kaiju movies and that self-evidently doesn’t remotely render me incapable of enjoying kaiju movies? idk. i’m sorry. i just get the impression that a lot of you find the entire idea of mst3k riffing like… inherently hateful and gross and i worry about what that makes u think of me and others for enjoying the new episodes.
  • wait stop help did i just accidentally write a review that’s gonna piss off people who like mst3k more than me and people who like mst3k less than me???

ator, the fighting eagle

  • as someone who is at least somewhat arachnophobic but who is clearly a pretty huge bondage slut, i have very mixed feelings about the idea of being tied up in a giant rope spider web to be sacrificed to a giant spider.

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