gamera double feature

gamera, the giant monster

watching this in japanese drastically improved the experience. i remember being bored out of my mind when i watched it in english, but i was engaged throughout here. also, that kid who kept sticking up for gamera is my freaking hero. like, i literally cried during the godzilla: king of the monsters trailer because i related so hard to the kid who was reaching out to touch mothra, so you know this kinda character is gonna speak to me.

step on me, gamera. wait, what? nothing.


gamera vs. barugon

ok, you know what? i can’t believe i was so down on this the first time i saw it. it actually kinda rules. and it’s so gay.

like, ok, i don’t love barugon’s design (though it honestly kinda grew on me as the film went on), but the motherfucker shoots fucking rainbows that blow up tanks and missiles and shit. that is the biggest gay power move ever, y’all. (speaking of power moves, there’s a moment in this where barugon flips the temporarily-defeated gamera onto his back with his foot and then steps on him in what’s clearly intended to be a victory pose, and this kinda thing really could stand to happen more often in kaiju movies imho.)

it’s nice that what the human characters are doing is pretty directly related to what’s going on with the kaiju, instead of what sometimes happens where it’s like “here’s some assholes doing some shit that has nothing to do with anything, when suddenly, oh no! kaiju!” the fights were pretty okay but also didn’t take up much of the runtime. it wasn’t the worst choice but in my very personal/biased opinion i didn’t love how much of the movie was just barugon stomping around unopposed and how little of it included gamera. it made sense to have the humans helplessly trying to stop barugon and having gamera swoop in to save the day at the end, though. this could’ve been maximized by having it be a bit of a surprise rather than having a scene of gamera waking up with a voiceover telling you “oh hey, gamera’s waking up!” but it really didn’t ruin the movie or anything.

on the whole, i had a lot of fun with this one and it was pretty consistently engaging. my only real complaint is the king kong vs. godzilla-esque bewildering choice to include japanese actors in blackface as native islanders. or the choice to essentially gift one of them to the protagonist as a love interest (which also gets into the woman as reward trope, because ofc we need to have some misogyny with our racism!)

anyway, though, you try staying mad at a movie that gives us lines like “gamera was immediately aware of barugon’s rainbow and rushed across the skies of osaka to find it.” bitch is thirsty for some rainbow. can relate.



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