i hope they never stop making happy death day sequels

(cw: suicide mention)

happy death day

please become a franchise!! i believe in you, happy death day!!

tbh i can’t really point to a single specific thing that makes me love this movie so much, but it really is my favorite slasher movie since… probably scream, i think? probably scream. i’m sure part of it is nostalgia for a college campus setting (though, my college experience had nothing to do with frats or sororities, thank the goddesses), and part of it is definitely the whole “groundhog day + scream” premise just being rad as hell. but i don’t know! there’s some extra little x-factor that really pushes this one over the top for me.

it might be the tone! this really has the right balance of humor and seriousness to wring the most fun out of the scenario, imho. or maybe it’s just the right balance for me specifically, because it really reminds me of how i feel watching the scream movies. whatever it is, i’m super glad they made a sequel, and i legitimately hope it’s the first of many. it’s hard to imagine getting tired of these.


happy death day 2u

two of my favorite things about the original (beyond the core concept, lana!) were the protagonist and the fact that the movie never bothered explaining why the time loop was happening. within the first 10/15 minutes it seemed like both of these were being done away with. consequently i was… very on guard, but i’m glad it’s easy to coax me into letting my guard down because i fucking loved this movie.

to the first point, tree actually did end up being the protagonist, so dodged a bullet there imho. not only that, but when she briefly appeared to not be the protagonist, she was such a fucking badass of a side character. and when the movie shifted back to her being the protagonist, she was just so over everything and ready to get shit done and move anything/anyone she had to out of her way to get said shit done. and like. yeah, ofc i was super into it.

one thing i do need to mention… remember in the first movie how there’s this long montage of her getting killed over and over again while trying to figure out who the murderer is? in this one, she decides she’s not gonna wait around for the murderer to do her in each time, so she commits suicide over and over to reset the day. and just… it didn’t bother me but it’s not difficult for me to see how it could be pretty super not ok for other people and like? i’m just not entirely sure it was a responsible or ok thing for the movie to be doing?

anyway. what i really didn’t expect was the kind of emotional depth this movie ended up going for. like, how the fuck was i literally crying over a happy death day sequel?

this is kind of a huge spoiler and kind of not a huge spoiler because i won’t tell you who said it or what the context was, but… there was a line that really got to me, and i still find myself thinking a lot about just how fucking much it resonated with me.

“the best kind of love changes you. it makes you a better person.”

i… thoroughly was not expecting something nearly this poignant from happy death day 2U, but we’ll take it. and i wholly subscribe to this theory, btw. and just… i am so lucky to have the people in my life that i do. and i will do my fucking best to do right by each and every one of you.

oh, but also, please give me dozens of sequels to this i am so here for big-hearted time travel slasher/almost-comedies.



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