godzilla: king of the monsters is easily the best american godzilla movie

this is trying much, much harder than any previous american godzilla film to actually resemble a toho godzilla film in some important ways. it’s in the small details like the film starting with godzilla’s roar. it’s in bigger ones like the score heavily referencing the classic scores. it’s in the overall focus of the movie being on these monsters and them beating each other up. this is also the first american godzilla movie to feature other canonical toho monsters.

the biggest problem with this is it believes in “overpopulation” and the idea that environmental catastrophes are happening because there are “too many” humans. i’ve said it before but there are not too many of us. ending capitalism would literally save the world and human race.. any suggestion to the contrary is racist, classist, defeatist nonsense.

a “problem” with the movie that i’ve seen both professional reviewers and friends call out is that the human characters are just kinda there, but i’m gonna have to go the other way on this one. that’s actually exactly what i wanted. when i heard that this was getting bad reviews because it was all monster fighting/not enough human story i wanted to see it even more urgently. (which i think by now everyone knows me well enough to know was already at theoretical maximum levels of urgency.) i’m not disagreeing with these assessments or casting side eye at my friends who feel this way. just. this is exactly what i wanted out of this movie.

there are specific things i woulda done differently. Mothra was brilliant in this, and i literally teared up every time her theme was used. i woulda had her in this more, though. and i woulda made out with her. um. sorry.


sorry i think part of my brain i didn’t need just melted.

this wasn’t perfect, but it was really fucking good, and i think it may be the best an american godzilla movie is ever gonna be. and i really hope any future films this series might bring are smart enough to follow its lead.

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