batman forever is silly and i like it

it’s not your fault your parents are dead, bruce.

one thing i always used to like about this movie is it’s the only one of these damn things that actually has bruce move on. the pop psychology trappings of it all might be silly, but there’s still really something there at the core, you know? it has him decide to keep being batman because he chooses to be. it has him heal.

that was back when i thought batman was the good guy.

there’s a deleted scene that adds a lot to this subplot, and i don’t actually like what it adds.

there’s a flashback that made it into the final film where a very young bruce is running in a storm, and he’s clutching a large, red book. the camera frames it in a way that makes it super obvious the book is important, but for some reason the lack of any follow-up never bothered me.

in the deleted scene, an adult bruce retrieves that red book to discover it’s his father’s journal. the last entry details how his parents decided to take bruce to a zorro movie rather than the cartoon movie he wanted to go to. so his parents’ death is not his fault.

what a freaking cop-out.

this overly clever twist carries the clear, unspoken implication that it would have been his fault if he had wanted to see that movie. like a child could possibly be to blame for his parents’ death in such innocent circumstances.

it’s not your fault your parents are dead, bruce.

you know what is your fault? the fact that you processed your trauma by becoming a fucking fascist.

the fact that you have billions of dollars at your fingertips but you think the best way to wipe out crime is to punch desperate people a bunch, not alleviate the conditions that make crime necessary. of course that’s how a billionaire would “fight crime,” though.

did you know that the u.s. has vastly more empty homes than it has homeless people? vastly more food thrown away than would be needed to feed literally everyone? the most incarcerated people in the world without even counting the people being held in ice concentration camps?

capitalism is batman. just go around punching people instead of using your considerable resources to do something ethical for once in your fucking life.

but like. this one is really gay and has amazing aesthetic and nicole kidman is a goddess and there’s a neon halloween gang and a bunch of bondage in it. so kinda hard not to like it.



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