your name. is stunningly good

(cw: drug use)

i love watching people’s favorite movies with them. i don’t have any particularly lofty expectations for this experience. it doesn’t have to be some profound, soul-revealing experience. it can just be “i love this dumb movie please love it with me.” heck, i don’t even have to like the movie in question. i just love movies and learning more about people i love.

i watched this movie with mommy on our first night together in our new apartment. there isn’t a setting that would’ve made watching this movie (especially with vir) not incredible, but i think this one might take the cake.

(ok, one other programming note: we had thc-infused popcorn, which is a real thing that really exists and omg. it’s worth noting that this genuinely enhanced the experience because one of the things i love about weed is it makes me even more emotionally vulnerable than usual.)

this movie is gorgeous. it’s easily one of the most beautiful traditionally-animated films i’ve ever seen. and honestly that would be enough to make it noteworthy but of course that’s not all. the music is equally gorgeous. basically the aural equivalent of the stunning visuals. and the two of them work in concert (sorry) to deliver an incredible experience.

honestly, the aesthetics alone would be more than enough to recommend this, but it’s the story they’re in service to that’s the real reason i’m so over the moon for it. the main characters are relatable, good-natured and immediately likable. you find yourself just naturally rooting for them. and the narrative is patient and gives itself plenty of time to establish this good faith before it hits you with one of the most heart-wrenching twists i’ve ever seen in a movie. the scale of the twist is just… dizzying, honestly. and all the character work earlier in the movie really pays off here, because it makes the twist hit you like a ton of bricks, and it helps you feel the characters’ desperation along with them as they try to do the impossible.

this movie had me clinging to my partner while crying and pleading “no no no no nononononono no” at the screen during the more tense parts. and it was not lost on either of us that it was the story of two people beating seemingly impossible odds to find each other again. and heck, rescuing someone from an abusive relationship is as hard as rescuing them from a city-destroying meteorite, in its own way.

watching a partner’s favorite movie with them doesn’t always have to be this remarkable of an experience, but damn is it ever rewarding when it is.



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