we did it, we watched the entire lotr extended edition trilogy in one day

i mean, it isn’t the first time i’ve done so, but it’s the first time in like a decade or so probably.

fellowship of the ring

a shy young bottom ends up with the fate of the world in his hands, assembles a polycule, goes through a lot with them, loses all of his daddies (bilbo, gandalf, boromir, aragorn), and eventually ditches all of the polycule except his service top boyfriend sam. (frodo isn’t much of a power bottom so this move wasn’t without risks, but it certainly paid off in the long run.) over the course of the series, we will learn that despite this heroic bottom’s timid mannerisms and propensity for falling down and getting into trouble a lot, he has the willpower needed to endure the unendurable, and in so doing to save the world.

i had some Thoughts & Feelings about how frodo is by far the most feminized member of the fellowship and stands in as the damsel in distress because there are no women available for that role. frodo is a good soft boy though.


the two towers

hey remember when i was really horny for uruks?

i’m still EXTREMELY horny for uruks.


the return of the king

watching this trilogy and the matrix trilogy so close together is like a guided tour of a) everything i love about movies and b) how thoroughly spoiled we were by early-to-mid-00s blockbusters.

spiders TERRIFY me irl but im relly horny for being webbed like frodo did.

also this made me cry everywhere like it always does lmao


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