project rewatch 2020 progress

on our first anniversary my fiancx and i had a slumber party so of course we decided to each make a list of movies we watched over and over as kids (minus ones we’ve rewatched recently or are in the process of rewatching) and start watching them. what else would we do. NOT that? didn’t think so. i’m going from as early as i can remember to the summer before college.

p.s. just because it’s on this list doesn’t mean i like it NOW, i’m expecting many of these to be DIRE.

tron (vi)

i didn’t watch this as a kid and i feel like as a result i missed out on being able to be nostalgic about it. i’m still happy i watched it!! i enjoyed it a lot more this time than i did the only other time i saw it (a few years ago), but i just felt like i was missing something? but watching it with someone who liked it was a much more pleasant experience than watching it with someone who also hadn’t seen it and neither of us had the perspective to like… care.

(also, the person i watched it with last time was my abuser, so. that’s never gonna help.)

but yeah. i don’t love this now or anything, but it was nice to enjoy watching it.


the land before time (vi)

i love dinosaurs and crying, so


jetsons: the movie (me)

project rewatch: 1/89

this is the first project rewatch movie my partner and i watched that was because it was on my list! yay! (i originally thought we’d go straight up chronological but we decided to more or less alternate to avoid having to figure that stuff out.) i remember watching this on vhs when i was super young. i wanna say we rented it??? but i remember watching it kind of a lot so i must have requested that we rent it a bunch of times. i annoyed my parents with that kinda thing sometimes, wanting to watch movies over and over. i’m very cool.

the background art at the plant kinda rules???? like, i get they reuse a lot of it but it’s kinda way too good for a jetsons movie. the cgi looks dorky af now but i still kinda love it. it was a huge part of why i liked the movie in the first place back then, and it’s a huge part of its charm now.

other than that this is kind of whatever? it has an extremely black and white, easily solved problem that’s supposed to feel vaguely like environmentalism but is impossible to apply to real life. judy is upset because she has to leave a guy she had ONE conversation with that was literally him asking her out on a date, then she meets a much better and v smoochable enby so that’s pretty easily solved.

ok, yeah, that’s one other thing. apollo blue is a very good enby. enbies rule.

oh yeah, and i was exactly high enough for the weirdly psychedelic music video that glosses over their first date. omfg.


annie (vi)

“the bolsheviks? leaping lizards!!!”


the yum yums: the day things went sour (me)

project rewatch 2/89

we had this on vhs when i was very little and i watched it a bunch of times. i always wished there was more of this! this little tv movie special kind of ruled, and kind of still does for a dumb kids cartoon that exists to sell dolls?

the overall concept is pretty cool. like, every character is a combination of a dessert food and an aminal and they all live in a theme park??? one of them is ice cream (my favorite dessert) and sheep (my fursona) so i’m basically a character in this??? so that’s rad.

oh, and just in case i needed another excuse for why this was formative for me, at one point all the heroes get caught in nets and tied up. so. yeah. also later they get thrown in jail, which… i don’t like jail but i do like cages. (it doesn’t hurt that their captors for the latter are pig and elephant people and they’re vaguely orcy looking. seriously, this rules.)


ferngully: the last rainforest (vi)

remember that part in james cameron’s avatar where it was just this movie?

oh wait there’s a pretty hot vore scene in this. and literally everyone is a bimbo or himbo. YOUR MOVE, AVATAR.


back to the future (me)

project rewatch 3/89

t, english, drama & comedy & hurt/comfort, chapters: 3, words: 1.21, favs: 88, follows: hidden [i just don’t think i can take that kind of rejection], updated: 1955, published: 1985

80s america’s emotional support himbo has to aggressively ship his parents or he’ll die!! hijinx ensue. what the h*** is a jigawatt [sic]?????


the care bears adventure in wonderland

y’know, i think this is the first piece of care bears media i’ve ever seen! it takes a lot more liberties with alice in wonderland than most of these kind of mashups, but as its own thing it’s rad!

also after this we watched an episode of the tv show that was a mashup with star trek and it RULED and i kinda wish there was a whole show like that.


back to the future part ii (me)

project rewatch 4/89

everyone harps on the flying cars and hoverboards, but the truly unrealistic thing is that there would still be a middle class in 2015. (there’s actually no such thing as the middle class? the three-layer version of class structure you were probably spoonfed in school/etc defines class not by its relationship to the means of production but rather to rly arbitrary stratifications in income level. it doesn’t mean anything.)

while we’re here: that tiny pizza that instantaneously turns into a bigger, fully-cooked pizza is what i want, personally. i’m not even sorry. i’m a shameless pizza slut. the power laces on marty’s shoes seem like they would be helpful for someone who might have a disability that affects the use of their hands, but the powered sleeve adjuster seems wholly unnecessary? it’s gotta be more resource intensive than just producing a sufficient variety of sizes. and i’m not really sure why anyone would want to watch six tv channels at once, or have several personal fax machines in their house, or wear two ties, but you do you marty and marty jr.

hey, they kinda got google assistants/alexa/etc right! we have several google nest minis and it really does make us feel like we’re living in the future, because everything from this to star trek has folks talking to computers out loud to turn on lights and whatnot.

the darkest timeline marty comes back to is basically just america today? and i’m not just talking about “biff is donald trump lmao” (but like also he is), but like the black family yells at marty mistaking him as someone trying to terrorize them so they’ll sell their house to real estate developers and like… that happens in real life it’s just usually the police doing it? this is just the “what has been happening to black people for decades, but also it’s happening to white people” school of dystopia. (which, again, resembles what’s starting to happen irl.)

the cubs winning the world series happened just a year after it was “supposed” to!! and marty scoffed about the idea of a baseball team in miami, but the florida marlins were founded in 1993 and changed their name to the miami marlins in 2011 (4 years before this was set). they couldn’t actually play the cubs in the world series given that they’re in the same league, but idk, i still find this confluence of events funny.

and finally, when they switch out the timelines a headline changes from being about nixon seeking a 5th term to reagan seeking a 2nd term and just… i do NOT see the substantial difference there?

this movie is hella sexist. it’s totally fine for marty to go prancing around his future pretending to be his son (and to know he has kids) but jennifer asks a few questions about her wedding and doc just HAS to knock her out because she’s being all hysterical and… and… and GIRLY! ew!!! also like doc you’re in such a hurry to get rid of jennifer but wouldn’t she have been way more safe in the car??? and that woulda been functionally identical with her unconscious??? just saying.

a few very superficial notes. 1) i would be much more ok with being beaten up by griff’s henchmen than i would the bullies in the other movie, but not griff himself, he’s just as “no thanks” as biff. 2) i really, really like the part where they’re about to go back to 1955 and marty asks “what if we don’t succeed?” and doc says “we must succeed” very resolutely and the music swells. love it. and this is on the back of the badass scene of marty stepping off the rooftop and then rising back up on the flying delorean’s roof. this is just an awesome stretch of the movie.

i’m a little perplexed by the way the stakes were presented back in 1955. well, not perplexed exactly. moreso i’m noticing that when i was younger i didn’t see anything wrong with it but now that i have some more critical thinking skills i was just CONSTANTLY thinking “you have a time machine, you can literally just go back and try again if anything goes wrong” every time marty or doc did something super risky and it was portrayed as like life-or-death.

i’m sick (it’s probably the obvious thing but i’m ok and almost out of the woods as far as when bad outcomes typically start happening) and this is still comfort food, so yeah. about what i needed rn.


the secret of nimh (vi)

justin is my anthropomorphic rat boyfriend, sorry, hands off.


back to the future part iii (me)

project rewatch 5/89

“i have to live my life according to what i believe is right in my heart”

back to the future iii used to be my least favorite back to the future movie by a pretty comfortable margin, and it isn’t difficult to understand why, but i actually think it might be my favorite by a pretty comfortable margin now. there just isn’t anything like doc and clara’s relationship, or indeed the final form of doc and marty’s relationship, in the rest of the series. and given my sensibilities now, that takes the cake over my childhood grievance of “the delorean isn’t in this one enough!!”

oh, one thing that jumped out at me that didn’t when i was a kid (besides the racism obviously): yeah, doc, of course clara is the first woman you’ve met who’s a jules verne fan. jules verne was a misogynistic troll.


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