We Watched all the Addams Family Movies to Get Ready for The Addams Family 2…

… and then didn’t bother seeing The Addams Family 2 because the first animated one was pretty bad. Still, not exactly upset that we had an excuse to watch the rest of them, especially the 90s ones!

The Addams Family (1991)

The things that are amazing about this movie are so unassuming that I always forget that it’s one of my favorite movies of all time until I actually sit down and watch it. And just… there’s so many reasons to love this movie!!

The most obvious and boring reason to love it is it’s just a really great movie! Between this and Men in Black, Sonnenfeld has helmed two of my favorite comedies of all time that I kind of always kind of half-forget are comedies because they have so much else going for them! Like, even if you don’t laugh at them at all, you’re probably having a great time because the plot and characters and relationships and setting all rule!!

Wednesday has always been and will always be my favorite (and she gets to shine more in the sequel), but revisiting this I’m struck by just how much I love Morticia and Gomez, both as individuals and as a truly inspirational goth BDSM couple. Hopelessly devoted to each other, proud parents, and still enough time to be good to their witchy mother/mother-in-law and prodigal brother/brother-in-law!!

Seriously you guys I love the relationships in this so much. Obviously Morticia and Gomez take the BDSM-themed cake (look, there was one in the fucking My Little Pony movie so it’s not that far-fetched), but I love this whole family of Goth weirdos so much!

Seeing Fester reconnect with his long-lost family and gradually grow back into those relationships is so Goddessdamned life-affirming. Wednesday and Pugsley being attached at the hip while she constantly employs bondage, weapons, and torture devices on him with the enthusiastic support and guidance of her mother is delightful (Pugsley is basically living my ideal childhood). Heck, two background characters (Margaret Tully and Cousin Itt) have a delightful courtship that rescues one of them from a boring straight marriage.

Gahhhhh I just want to gush about this movie!! It’s my aesthetic, it’s my values, it’s my kind of storytelling and overall movie vibe, it’s so chill but still so heartfelt and meaningful… I love it so much, you guys!!! I gotta watch it more often!!!


Addams Family Values

A pretty big step down from the first one, which I never really noticed because I saw it way more often as a kid and therefore had more nostalgia for it. I do appreciate that Wednesday has a bigger role in this one, though! So that’s cool.


Addams Family Reunion

I mean, it’s bad, but at least it’s also poorly-made. Wait, no, I meant extremely boring. Wait, no–


The Addams Family (2019)

Mediocre. Way too many action scenes, not enough character work. I hope Wednesday and her new girlfriend (who had the privilege of being Gothified by her) are happy though 🖤


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