Sonic 2 review

More like Sonic 2 & 3 & Knuckles.

I’m actually kind of terrified by how much these movies parallel the Genesis games? Like, the first one feels all kinds of lonely. In the game, it’s because it’s just Sonic all alone against the world. In the movie, it’s because Sonic is the only Mobian in a world full of humans and the other most prominent character (besides Eggman) is literally a cop, and no matter how much I appreciate him taking care of Sonic when he really needed it, I can’t get over the whole cop thing. But both the game and movie are greater than the sum of their parts because Sonic’s incredible… Sonicness just shines through.

But then in the next couple games (and second movie) the world opens up and suddenly he has all these Mobian friends and soulmates. There’s a subtle but important shift in the tone of the games that’s especially noticeable in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and it really feels like the second movie mirrors this shift in tone.

The human characters are in this drastically less, the objectively correct amount. It’s like, with the arrival of Tails and Knuckles and new conflicts, there are less empty spaces to fill up with the human characters. And the parts the human characters are in are actually pretty amazing instead of me being like “okay, that’s fine, get them off the screen now please.” Like, for the first movie I would genuinely prefer a supercut of all the times Sonic or Eggman is on screen over the full movie.

I have impossibly high standards for how Sonic, Knuckles, and especially Tails are characteristized, and for the dynamic between them. This movie met and exceeded my wildest hopes for how well any movie could meet those standards.


The harder you complain about the dancefight scene, THE HARDER I STAN IT TO CANCEL YOU OUT.

Jim Carey’s Eggman is still a bit different than how I view Eggman, but he’s a lot closer in this one than he was in the first one, and I actually like this version better because he grosses me out less and hits in a more “fun villain” kind of place. The aesthetic of his robots and other tech is also much, much more him than it was in the first movie.

The settings were also much, much more Mobian even though most of the movie still took place on earth!! The place the Master Emerald is hidden is a dead ringer for Labyrinth Zone from Sonic 1, which is kind of a weird choice, but still leads to a lot of game-accurate peril. The one real disappointment on that score is that when the Master Emerald starts shooting that huge beam of light into the sky I kinda more than half-expected a floating island to rise from beneath the waves, but oh well.

In short, this is exactly what I wanted. I wanted to watch this again immediately after seeing it. I’m so unbelievably happy that it exists and we’re getting more of them.

Oh and as previously alluded to: everyone calling this “cringey”? You’re boring please get a life thanks babes.


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