hi, welcome to 24,000 miles to the moon! i’m robin, my pronouns are they/them. i’m the slutty asexual they warned you about. i want to kind of ramble about myself and the kinds of things i’m likely to write about to set expectations, so i can later shatter them by cycling through becoming obsessed with some particular topics i didn’t cover in this introduction post and writing exclusively about them for months at a time before dropping them completely. i have adhd, in case that wasn’t immediately obvious.

some more cool things about me, probably. i have four really amazing partners! my gender is in a sort of soft enby boy kinda place. i just typoed that as “enboy” and i kinda love that, is that already a thing? i’m a queer socialist, so if i talk about politics (oh gods please no) it’s gonna be from that perspective. i’m an extremely novice polytheistic witch. i’m a furry kinda? so that might come up. i’ve worked in the service industry for my entire adult life (okay to be fair that’s a not so cool thing about me), in retail for a long time (that sucked) and now as a barista (that sucks markedly less and i’m extremely good at it).

and hey, look at that! those were also secretly a bunch of things i might write about!! i tricked you!! in all seriousness, i’m gonna write about whatever i want because i miss stuff like livejournal where you could just… do that, and everything didn’t have to be all carefully demarcated and put in its correct box, or 140 characters or less, or algorithm-friendly, but oh no oh gods oh no you think i’m an old enby yelling at a cloud now that is so not usually my vibe let’s move on quickly.

… alternatively, perhaps you think i ought to be shoved in a locker? in which case, yes please. oh yeah, i’m hella kinky and subby? i’m kinda surprised that’s only coming up now? so that’s likely to be extremely apparent at times. i will definitely tag posts that are nsfw, so not to worry if that’s something you want to avoid.

if you came here from letterboxd (which you probably did if we don’t know each other personally), welcome!! you already know that i like to write about movies and i’m definitely gonna do that here a whole bunch probably (see my earlier completely serious disclaimer), but i’m pretty excited to take advantage of the fact that blogging on here will give me the option to write things that fall outside the confines of a review of a single piece of media. so i might write about, say, a particular genre or series or character etc, rather than a particular movie/episode/whatever. oh, speaking of which, you’re gonna get opinions from me about a whole lot more media types here! because movies are really not the be all/end all of my media consuming experience even though they’re clearly a big part. so that’s another advantage probably! i’m good at selling myself.

so, yeah! i’ll probably write about movies and tv (but not like, tv that your coworkers at work incorporated are talking about like … whatever replaced game of thrones as that thing, more like… star trek: the next generation or that she-ra reboot that is just old enough to not be relevant anymore but just recent enough to not be a trendy rediscovery) and definitely books and maybe podcasts and maybe video games? i tend to play video games in spurts so it’ll be a lot at times, and radio silence at other times.

just for funsies, here’s a brief list of fandoms i gravitate strongly towards! some of these things might not be actually fandoms or might not have very active fandoms idk? i might write about these more often or have stronger opinions about them. or not? adhd! these can alternatively be read as additional reasons to bully me. please feel free to read them that way.

  • sonic the hedgehog
  • star trek
  • kaiju movies
  • anime and manga kinda?
  • cartoons kinda if that counts? (current favorites: the owl house, she-ra reboot, futurama, star trek: lower decks wait that should go in star trek not cartoons or should it go in both oh no)
  • comic books/superheroes kinda? (the archie sonic the hedgehog and dark horse star wars comics were a huge part of my childhood, i also got hella into batman, spider-man, and x-men at times.)
  • undertale
  • pokémon
  • the matrix
  • the wachowski sisters’ oeuvre in general (speed racer is one of my favorite movies of all time.)
  • lord of the rings (the movies, not the books)
  • halloween. the holiday, not the movie. the color orange. pumpkins. etc. yeah, i’m weirded out that it took me until comparatively recently to realize i needed to be a witch, but here we are. (oh yeah i’ll also probably write about witchy stuff at times? maybe.)
  • not harry potter anymore for obvious reasons, but things that hit a similar spot? (really loving the simon snow books rn.)
  • star wars? (i used to be a huge fan and read all the eu books and wrote fanfiction but idk i’m kind of bored of it lately? but with the way adhd works maybe i’ll get obsessed again, who knows.)
  • james cameron’s avatar i guess? i got really into avatarland after watching a really cool youtuber’s video about it, and then i actually went to avatarland (yes i’ve called it that twice now despite knowing that’s not what it’s called but also that’s totally what it’s called leave me alone) on a family vacation and i am literally wearing an avatarland spirit jersey i bought on etsy while typing this and i am incapable of irony so my enthusiasm for avatarland kinda spilled over to appreciating the source media okay i’m gonna stop this extremely long parenthetical now thank you for coming to my james cameron talk.)

i might also post some fiction here! some of it will be kinky/erotic (again, i’ll be sure to properly tag), but i have a few ideas i’ve been kicking around for novels and short stories that are hella queer but not explicit so maybe those’ll pop up at times.

but like, i like other stuff that’s not media too! like… organizing media on shelves? (why have i not been shoved in a locker yet what the heck.) okay, that’s another thing about me. i’m kind of an amateur librarian? i don’t know if that’s something i’m gonna ramble about here, but there’s a decent chance that it’s not not something i’m gonna ramble about here, so probably worth mentioning! i might also talk about theme parks i go to when that happens (a few of my partners are super into those so yeah!). and museums! … assuming any of the aforementioned are safe to go to anytime soon.

i’m also likely to talk about wwe and aew professional wrestling because i’m a filthy casual wrestling fan. there’s a small chance that i’ll talk about major professional sports if something big happens because i used to be into those back when i harbored the illusions that a) i was a cis boy and b) i could get my dad to like me, but i mostly don’t keep up with them anymore except out of some kind of weird habit so probably not? we’ll see! i might also write about board games if i think of anything to say about them?

i’m not sure if this has been any good for encouraging you to subscribe to my weird nonspecific blog, but i hope it was entertaining and informative? anyway, see ya around hopefully!